Couples Therapy

Sometimes love just isn’t enough. We go through rough patches and find ourselves stuck without the skills needed to communicate, to heal and to grow. Relationship counselling can help to build understanding, let go of blame, and deal with anger. Take your relationship to a new level and book your free consultation today.

Couples Therapy

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Couples therapy is not just for married people anymore. Couples therapy can help you feeling valued, respected and connected regardless of your relationship status. We help you tune in to each other, feel closer and thrive in your relationship. Our counsellors have experience working with a variety of sexual orientations and relationship arrangements. Our office is a place you can feel welcome, respected and understood. Call today to book your free consultation and find out if couples therapy is right for you.

Pre-marital Counselling

Planning to commit to your partner? Make sure pre-marital counselling is on your check list. Counseling gives you a better chance of building a strong, satisfying relationship. We help you improve communication skills, increase intimacy and plan out how you will manage conflict in the future. We are not a faith based counselling practice but rather we work within your value system. Book a free consultation to find out if pre-marital counselling is right for you.

Family Mediation

Conflict is normal in any relationship. It can even be considered healthy. But if conflict is not handled properly it can be harmful to everyone involved. Mediation is an effective way of dealing with conflict at any stage. Unlike counselling, which seeks to change long term patterns and issues in relationships, mediation focuses on resolving specific and immediate conflicts.  We offer specialized mediation options to families in conflict focusing on couples and parent/teen relationships. Several of our Coquitlam Counsellors have received mediation training at the Justice Institute of BC and have over a decade of experience using a collaborative based model of conflict resolution to achieve results. Book a free consultation to find out if family mediation is right for you.


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Counselling for Women

Society is a hard place to thrive as a woman. Counselling can help us cope with shame, self-defeating behaviours and depression allowing us to finally feel good in our own skin.

Counselling for Men

Being a man in today's world can feel like an uphill battle. Failure seems inevitable. Counselling will help find the confidence and solutions we need to succeed.

Couples Therapy

Relationships are challenging at the best of times, a little extra support is often needed. We offer couples counselling, parent-teen mediation, non-violent communication and a whole lot more.

Parenting Support

Need more tools in our toolbox? We can help. We offer parenting support based on Adlerian psychology, interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides a more affordable solution while offering the support of others who are struggling with the same concerns.

Counselling for Teens

Adolescence is a time of courage, creativity and growth. Counselling can help to navigate these confusing times and make better decisions. Let us help.